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Business doesn’t end in the office. It takes place at dinner parties, networking events, and other social venues, where soft skills are king and may make the difference between a career in an upward trajectory or a stalled position. 


This course is designed for college, university, and graduate level students.  High School level courses are also available.

Hear what students have to say


""I learned so much more than I could have expected."


"I like being broken out into groups to be shown how to pivot [out of difficult conversations]. It was fantastic."


"There were a lot of things I didn't know going into the etiquette dinner that I learned.  I am very aware of what I do now. I think it will be interesting to see how I can utilize what she taught us in my real life.  I think it gives me a leg up. 


"It gave me insight into the world of business that we students don't know about. I think I got really valuable information about the world that people don't really tell us."


"You don't know who you are going to meet and what possibilities might come. We are all in school and trying to go somewhere further. I am just inspired."


Shances Two Hour College Seminar

"What I learned was how to describe my professional experience to employers, how to be professional in conversation and how to connect with people.


Shances Four Day Graduate School Course 

"I work in fashion PR. I  wanted to learn how to move through a room full of vultures like Jay-Z would.  I am glad I [took the class].  I met so many young professionals like myself.  I got to learn about different kinds of wines, cheese and even how to eat soup properly. It was an asset to take the class because I can take [the information] anywhere I go."

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