Bowls, Plates & Cups




At a formal dinner, soup is served in a soup plate and the oval soup spoon is the only spoon laid on the table.

At an informal meal, the oval soup spoon is used to eat any food presented in a large, shallow soup bowl, such as chili, stew, ravioli, and dessert. Tip the bowl towards you.


Larger crackers should not be crumbled into the soup. They should be kept on a side plate and eaten with the soup, unless you are eating chowder.  Traditionally, then and only then, may crackers be crumbled into the chowder soup.


Plates come in various sizes.  The size of the plate is specific to the particular course that will be served on that plate.  For example, a dinner or main course plate will be larger than a salad plate, which is larger, than a bread plate.

Note: Bread is not considered a course.


Mug is a large cup; used without a saucer.

Coffee Cup is cup from which coffee is drunk.

Demitasse is a small cup used to serve Turkish coffee or espresso.

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