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Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

Q. What is a groom’s cake?


A.  The origin of the cake is said to be during the Victorian era in England. Cakes are most popular in the southern portion of the United States. Traditionally the cake (smaller than the wedding cake) is chosen by the groom, and served in addition to a traditional wedding cake to the groomsmen. 


Q. May I bring a guest to a wedding?


A.  You may bring a guest only if you are given the option of bringing a guest to the wedding.  A guest option will be indicated on your RSVP card or electronic invitation.


Q. Should I bring a gift to the wedding?


A.  Traditionally gifts are sent directly to the home of the bride or groom or a specifically indicated address, not brought to the wedding.


Q. As a guest, what should I wear to a wedding?


A.   Look to the invitation for a clue.  The invitation may say, black tie, beach casual, etc.  If the invitation is silent, you may contact the couple and ask. Traditional western wedding guests do not wear white colored clothing, as the color is reserved for the bride.


Q. Are the bride and groom obligated to send thank you notes?


A. Everyone who attended the wedding and/or gave a gift should receive a thank you note.

Q. May I bring my children to a wedding?


A. Unless otherwise indicated on the wedding invitation, you may not bring a child.  If the invitation is silent on the matter, consider the wedding location (adult only resort), or time of the wedding (late night reception) before asking to bring your child.  


If your infant or child is in attendance, try to sit on the isle, in the back area were the ceremony is taking place. This location will allow you to leave the ceremony quickly  so that you do not further disturb the ceremony if your infant begins to cry.

Q. Do the bride and groom have to give the wedding party a gift?


A. Traditionally, all members of a wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ushers and ring bearers)  should receive an appreciation gift from the couple.

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