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Open Enrollment Specialty Classes 

Attendees: open to the public; maximum attendee number determined by Shances

Corporate Classes Attendeesmaximum attendee number 24

University and non-profit organizations Attendeesmaximum to be mutually decided 

Private and Small Groups Attendeesmaximum attendee 12


The broadcasting and/or recording of any part of the Shances lectures may not be done without advance written permission from Shances.  


Purchase of all food, drink and place settings' rentals is the sole responsibility of the Client.   

Although advised you do not need to provide a 28 piece place setting to book a 28 piece place setting class.


Minimum  place setting required:  

Fork (2): salad and main   

Knife (3): butter, salad and main

Spoon (1): soup

Plate (3): dinner, salad and butter

Glass (1): water 

Menu and food being served must be given to Shances at least seven (7) days prior to the class.  


Client will provide one full place setting (including but not limited to plates, flatware, glasses, etc.)  per participant.   


Client acknowledges responsibility for any and all liability arising from place settings and venue rentals.   


Client acknowledges liability for any damage to the rental equipment used during the course of the event.  


Client agrees to full responsibility for all financial arrangements for items and services provided by the rental company and/or caterer. 


Client acknowledges full responsibility for any liabilities arising from the food, drink and venue provided.  


The Client scheduling the class at which alcoholic beverages will be served will be responsible for complying with and enforcing all City, State and Federal  regulations and laws regarding alcohol possession and consumption including, but not limited to, appropriate identification checks. Persons must be twenty-one years of age to consume alcoholic beverages. If minors are present, Client must take adequate steps to ensure that minors are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. 


Client will pay for travel to and from the class/training site and accommodations, when necessary, for Shances.  If Shances makes the arrangements, she will book the most appropriate and cost-effective means of transportation to attend the training.  


By rail: Travel expenses will be booked by Client.  If booked by Shances, Client will make reimbursement upon presentation of supporting documents on the basis of first-class rail fare, including the cost of seat reservations.  


By air:  Travel covering distances of more than 250 miles (one way) may be made by air, economy class. Business class may be permitted when: (a) flights having a duration of 4 hours or more; or (b) flights of any duration are outside of the United States.  


By Taxi: Taxi fares are reimbursed upon presentation of receipt.  


Accommodations: When applicable, Client will prepay hotel costs prior to class/training.  Hotel type will be mutually agreed upon between Client and Shances. Hotel room will be single rate for a standard single room.


Payments of the Contract price shall be paid in the following manner: 50% upon booking; 50% fourteen (14) days prior to class date. 


Should the Client fail to pay Shances the full amount specified in any invoice within five (5) calendar days of the invoice date, a late fee of $200 shall be added to the amount due. 


A fourteen (14) day written notice is required for cancellation. Cancellations that are made more than fourteen days prior to the arrival date will receive a full refund less a 15% fee. 


Cancellations made after 15 days prior to the class start date will result in no refund unless they fall under the following conditions: cancellations due to manmade evacuations by local authorities or federal government and/or act of God disasters will result in a complete 100% refund, irrespective of cancellation date.  


Contractor shall not be liable for any delay due to circumstances beyond its control including strikes, casualty or general unavailability of materials. 




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