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Don't let a headache over how much to tip at the nail salon ruin the fun of getting your next manicure. We've done the math for you!

Getting a mani-pedi is a great way to lift your mood and practice self-care. Add in a little hand and foot massage, and it’s also an ideal way to relax and de-stress—that is, until it comes time to pay the bill and figure out how much to tip. Trying to figure out how much to tip at the nail salon can be really confusing, and instead of focusing on how to make your manicure last longer, you’re stuck trying to do mental math.

It’s OK—we’ve got you! We asked etiquette experts, nail techs and salon owners to share exactly when, who and how much to tip at nail salons. Once you’re up to speed, make sure you know the proper tipping etiquette in other situations, from how much to tip your hairdresser to how much to tip hotel housekeeping.



How much should you tip at the nail salon?

Fifteen to 20% of the total bill is the industry standard for how much to tip a nail tech, but this can vary between countries, regions and salons, says Sharon-Frances Moore, president of Shances, a New York–based etiquette company. Not only that, but tipping amounts have changed drastically over the past two years. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, to help ease the financial strain of workers, there was an increase of people over-tipping for services in industries across the board,” says Moore. “We are now seeing an adjustment back to standard tipping, which for a nail technician, [regardless] of the service, is around 15 to 20%.”

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