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Wine Demystified
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Did you know that wine vines are pruned in three different styles Goblet, Guyot and Royal Cord?


Did you know that a bottle shape can tell you the type of wine that is inside the bottle?



Did you know that foottrodden or stomping used to be the way wine was pressed?




Did you know that approximately 30% of wood used for wine barrels comes from America and Canada?



Did you know that Noble Rot grapes are sweeter than other grapes and therefore used when making dessert wines?  



Did you know that there are four different styles of champagne glasses, each with its own benefit and some with big deficits?



Did you know that millions of marketing dollars go into wine labels?



Did you know that there are some vineyards that make various growing and budgeting decisions when deciding to harvest by hand or by machine?




Did you know wine vineyard soil may include limestone, silt, volcanic rock, and many other components that influence how the vines in a vineyard grow?

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